An Eco-Design Hotel Stylist








  • 新概念開發

  • 主要規劃及研究評估

  • 整體室內設計及管理

  • 風格化裝飾及傢俱擺設

  • 當代藝術及裝置

  • 設計思考及共同協力



Beauty could be a flowing interconnection set the trend itself , therefore, space design inside or outside is not only a certain appearance of living aesthetic ,and further, a media to enlighten our creative inspiration .


After 27 years since 1987, 319 projects,5 countries and 18 cities that all experiences just for to be an New Age Stylist as a Daymaker today. Simply expanding my passion for Creation, Design and Art to create Joyful Living in Style in order to developing new ideas of MICRO Modern Chic Eco-design Hotel, and blending a lifestyle – with the tranqulity of oriental aesthetics into the field of Travel + Leisure, the Hospitality Industry by integrating plan and design in chorus.

One dedicated vision on "Good Concept Brighten Lives", well and cheerfully.




  • New Concept Development

  • Master Plan and Investigation   

  • Whole Interior Design and Management 

  • Living in Style Decoration & Furnishing

  • Contemporary Art and Installation 

  • Design Thinking &Teamwork build up





Hana Yu

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